Getting a Match Started…The Warm Up

SUBJECT: Getting a Match Started…The Warm Up


1.  Your Court and Opponent will be announced by the Home coach.

2.  Proceed to your court, with your can of balls, introduce yourself, and be sure you are playing the correct player(s) on the correct court.

3.  Flip or Spin for first Serve and Side of the court BEFORE warm up.

4.  Warm up… work on footwork, getting your eye on the ball, DO NOT hit  the ball hard or try to hit winners!  Hit the ball directly back to your opponent.

5.   Hit 6-10 forehands and backhands each.  Then come to net the and hit 6-10 Volleys that your Opponent will hit to you from the baseline.

6.  Then hit 2 or 3 overheads.  Work on getting under the ball, getting your eye on the ball and arm motion.  DO NOT hit the ball over the fence!

7.  Then hit 3 or 4 serves to your opponent, let them serve 3 or 4 back, then swap sides and repeat.

8.  Total warm up time including serves is 10 minutes.  (USTA Rules)

9.  Start the Match!

10.  After the Match, shake hands, and report the score to the Home Coach, and your Coach.


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