How Many Cards Do You Have?

Re:  How Many Cards Do You Have To Play ?

Big Hitter,  Defensive Player,  Counter Puncher,  Base Liner,

All Court Player,  Short Game,  Lobber,  Pusher,  Net Rusher,

Serve and Volley, Big Serve,  Spot Server,  Flat Serve,

Spin Serve,  Slider Serve,  “Spinning Jenny” Serve,

Cut Backhand, 

Many tennis players have success with a specific type of game or play and sticks with it, and will try to get better at ONLY that style of their game.

The best tennis players have the ability to play more than just one type of game, and while they may have a favorite, or one they are better at, they can adapt to meet the challenge a new opponent may throw at them.

The players with the most cards to play, or type of games to call upon when needed, will win more matches, especially at higher levels of play.

This is commonly seen in players who are good at singles but struggle when they play doubles.  They may be a Base Liner, with a Big Serve, but cannot transition to a Spot Server, and a Net Rusher who also needs a good Short Game.

Or a Base Liner who’s a Big Hitter, who struggles with a Pusher, or a Lobber in a singles match?

Or an All Court Player who runs out of patience when they play a good Counter Puncher, who also has a good Lob Game?


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