Proper Tennis Etiquette…

SUBJECT:  Proper Tennis Etiquette for Parents and Fans

Players and fans are required to play under the USTA rules known as “The Code”.  (USTA Friend at Court page 52.) A few points are:

  1. Tennis is a unique sport with rules of etiquette.  Do Not treat it like Football or Basketball.   It’s closer to Golf as an example.
  2.  Take your best manners court side, silence all phones.
  3. Points should be played out in quiet, once a player is ready to serve.
  4. Wait until the point is over to clap or cheer for your team/player.
  5. Cheer and clap for good shots and long rallies.
  6. Do Not cheer for errors made by the other team/player, just good plays by your team/player.
  7. Do Not shout out line calls, instructions, communicate or coach your player in any way.  Or they will be subject to the “Point Penalty System”.  (USTA Friend at Court pages 136-138.)

1st occurrence – loss of a point.

2nd occurrence – loss of the game in progress.

3rd occurrence – loss of the match via default.

8.  Only the two official coaches of record can coach, communicate or instruct a player.  Cheering or encouraging them on is fine.

9.  The coaches can shout instructions during the match as long as play is not stopped, and can talk to the players at the fence on odd game change overs.

10.  Abusive behavior toward anyone on or off the court, will not be tolerated.  Show your school sprit in the right way!


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