Re: Tactics – “Hack Saw the Hackers”

Re:  Tactics – “Hack Saw the Hackers”

A hacker is a player who may be a good athletic, but lacks general tennis knowledge and skill, but makes up for it with foot speed and an assortment of usual spinning drop shots and lobs, design to move you out of your game, and make you loose your patience and confidence.

1. Cut or back spin spots –  the key is to see the way the player hits the ball and recognize it as a backspin or cut shot.  It requires you to know the ball will “check up” when it hits and not bounce toward you in the usual manner.

2. Setup early, racquet back sooner than normal and be ready and in good form sooner than normal to hit this type of shot.  Don’t get freaked out by it!

3. On short shots, as you run up notice if the opponent is staying back or moving in behind he ball.

3A. If they stay back, simply drop the ball over the net right in from of you and prepare to go on defense.

3B.  If they follow it in, Pass them with a good passing shot, 60-70% pace, usually on their backhand side……

3C.  Or lob the ball over them…..

3D.  Or hit the ball though them…….

4.  Be patient! Take a very logical step by step approach as listed above.


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