Re: Tactics – “Lop Off the Lobber”

Re: Tactics –  “Lop Off the Lobber”

Playing a good lobber can be a trying time.  Patience and knowledge is the key.  A lobber will try to keep you from playing your game, by starving you of pace and getting you out of good forehand position.

1.  Take the ball on the rise, or short hop, and drive it like a normal ground stroke.  But don’t make foolish errors, keep the ball in play (80 % Rule)

2.  Move a lobber forward into the court!  It is almost impossible to lob moving forward.  Use approach shots, and drop shots to move them forward off the baseline.. where they want to be.

3.  Lob back when you must, but try to avoid long lob to lob rallies, unless you think you are a better lobber.

4.  Make them hit backhands…. most people don’t lob as well from the backhand side.  they will make more errors, and leave more lobs short, that you can attack with an over head.


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