Re: Tactics “Unplug The Power Hitters”

Re:  Tactics “Unplug The Power Hitters” :

A power hitter wants a ball hit the ball with good pace, waist high and in a place they can plant their feet and drive the ball with a strong forehand.  Most use an Eastern Forehand, or Semi-Western Grip.  The ball will come at you flat and hard!

1. Starve them of the the 3 things they want:

  • – Hard pace
  • – Ball at their waist
  • – Ability to plant their feet.

2.  Hit to back hand, don’t let them set up and drive forehands. Keep the ball out of their hitting zone around the waist.

3.  Make them hit low balls, moving forward, or high bounces around their shoulders.

4.  Use deep high rollers or lobs to push them back.

5.  Move them forward with low pace, low approach shots.


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