Injuries, Aches & Pain

SUBJECT:  Injuries, Aches & Pain

Physical activity of any kind will bring on minor aches and pains or even injuries.  To treat these we use the R.I.C.E. method.

REST – Just don’t use it.  Don’t play the sport, but also rest it as much as possible around the house, at work, or at school.  Lock it down if possible.  This will let the healing begin.

ICE –  Icing is almost magical to an injured area.  It helps in getting rid of inflammation and swelling.  Ice only 15 minutes per hour and alternate hours.  Alternating Ice and Heat even works better.  This is the best way to speed recovery.

COMPRESSION – Try to wrap or use compression on the injured area, 15-20 minutes per hour.  Try to compress 3 or 4 times a day.

ELEVATION –  Try to rest it above your heart, so prop up with pillows on the couch, in the bed, and while sitting if possible. This will help to drain off excess fluid that may cause inflammation and swelling.

Over The Counter anti-infamatorils can also help.  Be sure to consult your doctor and follow the directions.

Consult your doctor if pain continues, or you feel it needs more attention.

As the pain begins to subside, do very easy stretching and range of motion to help increase circulation, and aid in the rehab of the injured area.

And as you return to the physical activity, use common sense to “work back up to a competitive level”.

Braces or wraps may help stabilize the injury until the muscle, and support systems are back to full strength.


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