The “Australian Formation”

Subject:  The Australian Formation in Doubles

The Australian Formation is for a serving doubles team.  The net player simply lines up on the “wrong side”.  The purpose is to:

  1. Cause confusion and pressure on the returner,
  2. Take away the cross court shot over the middle of the net.
  3. Gives the serving team a preferred matchup of forehand to backhand.
  4. Allows the serving team to use a “Push and Cut” play off the serve.
  5. Protect a servers weak backhand against a strong returner.
  6. Best Serve is to backhand or into the body.
  7.  Should be used intermittently, or during a big point.


Counter moves include:

  1. Deep high roller shot to the servers backhand side.
  2. Just lob the return to start the point, then beat them as the point begins.
  3. Remember 80% Rule (Keep away from Net Player)

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