The “I” Formation in Doubles

Subject:  The “I” Formation

The “I” Formation is for a serving doubles team.  The net player and the server line up in a “I” in the center of the court.

The purpose is to:

1.  Cause confusion and pressure on the returner.

2.  Take away the cross court shot over the middle of the net.

3.  Best Serve is down the “T”.


Counter moves include:

1.  Positioning a net player close to the net to mirror the serving teams net player, as to block their view of the play.

2.  Roll the return up the line to just get the ball in play, and beat them as the point starts.

3.  Deep high roller shot to the servers backhand side.

4.  Unload and crush the net player.

5.  Just lob the return to start the point, then beat them as the point begins.

6.  Remember 80% Rule (Keep away from Net Player)


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