The Slice or “Cut” Shot

SUBJECT:  The Slice or “Cut” Back Hand

In singles most players today have grown up as “baseliners”.

This is due to the power and strength of the players and racquets never before seen in tennis.

The problem is how to “defuse” the baseline player with the big powerful baseline forehand.  First you must move them in to the court.  (stage 4 of our PAMM plan) and off their safe area of the baseline, second starve them of pace, and third make them reach down out of their hitting zone. (attention to grip).

A great shot to do this is a slice or cut back hand.  This shot take 3 different forms.

  1. A change of Pace Shot – this is a deep shot, low, biting and causes the pop to have to slow down his swing to lock in to the speed and level change of the new shot.
  1. An Approach Shot – not as deep as the change of pace shot, lower, less pace and requires the pop to step inside the pace line as you rush the net.
  1. A Drop Shot – Never use behind the baseline! Always a good choice when inside the baseline.  On the baseline it is ok, but should be use sparingly, due to the difficultly factor, and the ability to execute.

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