What’s In the Bag ?

SUBJECT:  What’s In the Bag ?

What’s in the bag?

What you carry in your tennis bag can make the difference in a close match of winning and losing!  The key is to carry the right things and a minimum supply of them for a match or two, then reload after the match back and home, or a hotel room if traveling.

Playing Equipment:

Extra Racquet – at lease one extra; Shoes & Extra shoe string; Extra socks; Hat or Visor;  Stretchy bands – Warm up; Extra grip and over wrap; Extra String and Dampeners; Notes on playing;  Bug Spray, Towel.

Food / Fluids:

Sports Drink high in electrolytes; Water; Power Bar; Peanuts or Trail Mix; Some thing sweet – quick recovery (M&M’s); Fruit – Banana.


Pepto, Toms, Ammonium AD for the stomach; Blister cover – For open blisters on feet and hands; Band Aids; Advil – pain; Wrist, Ankle, Knee, and Foot Brace.

Some change for the local drink machine might also be handy in case the pro-shop is closed or out of change.


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